Short-term Missions

New Hope has had many groups go out on short term missions trips, particularly during the summer. You can click on the links below to see what some of the recent trips have been, what their goals were and some pictures from the trips.

2014 High School Mission Trip


2013 High School Summer Mission Trip

This past summer 6 of our high school boys went to Key West, FL on a mission trip to learn more about and practice evangelism under the tutelage of Pastor Bill Welzien of Keys Evanglist Ministries and Keys OPC. The boys learned about the importance of knowing and understanding the Bible to effectively share their faith. They also practiced witnessing to others at Mallory Square in Key West where Pastor Welzien gives a gospel presentation 3 nights a week.


Emily Howard grew up at New Hope Church and a few years ago felt called to minister to the people in Nicaragua.  New Hope supports her financially and well as through prayer and encouragement.  She is involved in several things in Nicaragua… 

  1. She ministers to women who are in a jail — bringing them the gospel, meeting physical needs, and helping them be self-sufficient once released.
  2.  She works with the salubrista program which brings health care to the villages in the area.
  3. She works in the orphanage teaching music to the children there.