Adult Sunday School

2019 Spring Sunday School Semester
During the 13 weeks of the spring Sunday school semester, Pastor Francis will be teaching about Parenting.  You can listen to the classes below:
Class #1
Class #2
Class #3
Class #4
Class #5
Class #6
Class #7
Class #8
Class #9 (no available recording)
Class #10
Class #11
Class #12
Class #13
2019 Adult Mini-mester
During the five weeks of the adult mini-mester, the adults and high school students will be a part of the class called “Sexual Sanity” which will cover topics such as gender identity, homosexuality, and how to talk to your kids about sex and other things.  Click on the link below to list to the classes:
Class #1 — The Hook-up Culture
Class #2 — Is Homosexuality a Sin?
Class #3 — How Sexual Orientation became the Idol of Our Day & what Christians Need to do About It
Class #4
Class #5 — Q & A 
During the 13 weeks of the fall 2018 adult Sunday School class, Pastor Francis will be teaching on the Westminster Confession of Faith.  Click below to listen to the classes:
Class #1: An Introduction
Class #2: The History of the WCF
Class #3: Scripture: General & Special Revelation
Class #4: Scripture: Our God Breathed Foundation
Class #5:  Who is God?
Class #6:  Of God’s Eternal Decree
Class #7: Creation and Providence
Class #8: Of Providence
Class #9:  Of the Fall of Man, of Sin
Class #10: 
Class #11:  Question 8
Class #13

For 6 weeks beginning January 14th, there will be a mini-mester at New Hope.

  • Children ages 4-5th grade will be in the upper room
  • Adults, middle school and high school will be in the sanctuary.

During the13 weeks of the fall 2017 adult Sunday school class, there will be 2 classes taught.

They are:

  • “Heaven” video series by Paul Tripp –facilitated by Alex Mason in the conference room.
  • A study of the book of Numbers — taught by Pastor Francis in the sanctuary.  You can listen any of the classes by clicking on the class:
             Class #4  
               Class #6